• Online Multiplayer Gaming
  • 3 Different Challenge Mode
  • Leveling System
  • Detailed Gaming Statistics
  • Training Game Mode
  • Pass'n Play Game Mode
  • Highscore lists and detailed Profile pages
  • Rating System
  • 63 different achievement
  • Online Shop
  • High quality Sound Effects

Are you confident with your English skills?

Prepare to be challenged with our addictive game - WORDZ!

Game play is simple: Just drag your finger over the letters on the board and connect them to create words. Find as many of the words as possible in the given time. The person with the highest score wins. Bragging rights belong to all who end up on the best players score board.

This is not your typical laid-back word puzzle game. The game board is never the same, so each game is a different and unique challenge. Wordz will require your reaction time as well as your wits in order to succeed against the clock and your online opponents.

You can choose to play alone in order to hone your skills, then go online and compete against people from all over the world. All this for free!